Wildstone to be Platinum Sponsors of World Out of Home Congress 2024
29 May 2024
Wildstone is proud to announce its role as Platinum Event Sponsor for the 2024 World Out of Home Organization (WOO) Global Congress, scheduled to be held in Hong Kong from June 5-7, 2024. 

The event will take place at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and is set to be a cornerstone gathering for Out-of-Home (OOH) professionals, including media owners, buyers, tech suppliers, clients, and more.

Wildstone's sponsorship of the WOO Congress underscores its leadership and commitment to advancing the OOH industry. With over 5,000 media assets, including large and small format digital screens, classic billboards, and super-premium digital sites, Wildstone is at the forefront of outdoor media infrastructure in Europe and beyond. Their efforts are shaping the future of outdoor advertising through the digitisation of OOH media assets, offering high-quality, energy-efficient, ultra-slim, and lightweight digital advertising screens.

As a prominent aggregator of outdoor media assets, Wildstone is the ideal partner for media operators looking to accelerate growth and increase revenue. Their unique "sale and lease back" model allows media operators to release capital from their assets while Wildstone takes over asset ownership and management. This enables media operators to focus on their core business of selling OOH advertising, while Wildstone handles the digitisation and upkeep of the assets.

Wildstone's impact on the OOH landscape is particularly noticeable in the UK, where the company's rapid and extensive digitisation efforts have transformed the market. This approach has facilitated the emergence of several key media players and has set a benchmark for OOH infrastructure development.

The company also has a strong presence across Europe, particularly in Spain, the Netherlands and Germany, and has recently announced its expansion into Australia.

The annual conference by the World Out of Home Organization promises to be a dynamic and enriching event, featuring a stellar line-up of speakers and panellists from across the globe. Attendees will benefit from a comprehensive exploration of the current trends and future directions in the OOH sector. Key themes to be addressed at this year's Congress include:

  • Growing the Sector: Collaboration and the role of National Associations

  • Maintaining OOH's Competitive Advantage

  • Driving OOH Growth through Audience Measurement

  • Creativity in OOH Advertising

  • Sustainability Challenges and Responses

  • Increasing Data Utilization in OOH

  • Automation and Programmatic Buying in OOH

The event will also feature a social program, including a Gala Dinner and an Afterparty, offering networking opportunities alongside the educational sessions.

Representing Wildstone at the Congress will be three key executives:

Andrew Foster, Partnerships Director
Ivo ter Wee, Business Development Director - Europe
Noel Cook, Managing Director – Australia

These representatives will be available to discuss Wildstone's latest projects, future plans, and the company's vision for the OOH industry. Having previously sponsored the WOO Congress in Lisbon, Wildstone's continued support for the event highlights their ongoing dedication to fostering innovation and collaboration within the OOH sector. Their participation as Platinum Event Sponsors also emphasizes their commitment to driving the industry forward through technological advancements and strategic partnerships.

Join Wildstone and other industry leaders at the World Out of Home Congress 2024 in Hong Kong for an event that promises to be both informative and inspiring, setting the stage for the future of OOH advertising.