Unlocking Revenue Potential: Willow Properties' Success with Wildstone
Bradford, Monday 23 October 2023
Jonathan Holmes from Willow Properties shares his experience with Wildstone to switch from classic billboards to digital outdoor advertising screens.

As a Director of one of the largest independent commercial property companies in the UK, Jonathan Holmes had always strived to make the most out of the company assets, including the four outdoor advertising sites. Over the years, the business faced a constant stream of rent reductions from their previous media tenants, leaving them frustrated.

Jonathan expresses,

"It felt like we were stuck in a cycle of diminishing returns. When we heard there was a risk of our advertising sites being terminated, we knew something needed to change."

When Henry Thomas, Development Manager from Wildstone approached Jonathan, scepticism lingered initially, given past disappointments. However, Henry's genuine enthusiasm and expertise in the realm of digital billboards gradually won the team over.

Jonathan expresses,

"From our very first conversation, it was apparent that Wildstone was not just another billboard company looking to rent space on our properties. Instead, they presented a comprehensive and innovative approach to transform our classic billboards into digital advertising screens, which yielded a significant increase in rental revenue for our business. Henry and his team at Wildstone handled everything from start to finish, making the entire process seamless and stress-free for us.”

Wildstone take care of all the costs associated with the installation and maintenance of the digital billboards, leaving our landlords free from financial burdens while reaping the benefits.

Jonathan remarks,

"Wildstone's professionalism, dedication, and integrity throughout the entire journey left a lasting impression on us.Their commitment to ensuring we felt supported and informed every step of the way was truly commendable."

He adds,

"It's not often that you come across a company that genuinely cares about its clients' success and satisfaction, but Wildstone proved to be one of those businesses."

Jonathan continues,

"If your organization encounters challenges with low billboard rental rates or seeks innovative ways to generate cash flow from your properties, we wholeheartedly recommend Wildstone. With their guidance and expertise, we are confident that they can assist others in unlocking the true potential of their properties, just as they did for us."