Leicester landlords over the moon after switching from classic billboards to digital screens.
Leicester - Friday, 1 April 2022

Raj Sudera and his daughter Anita from Leicester share their experience of working with Wildstone to switch from paper billboards to digital advertising screens.

Raj explains: “I wasn’t getting much value from the existing three paper panels, and they caused a lot of interruption to our tenant’s car dealership business. The posters needed changing frequently, and every time it happened, cars had to be moved, then put back in. This was an inconvenience for their business.”

“Everything changed when we decided to contact Wildstone.” – says Anita. “They put a lot of effort and time to secure the planning permission, which then resulted in three paper panels being removed. In their place, Wildstone installed two high quality digital screens. They used a monopole to support them, which meant the car park gained even more spaces.”

“No more changing campaigns, no more interruption to the business and the site looks really neat.” - Raj adds.
"To top it all, we received a significant uplift in rental income and the revenue is secured for many years to come."

BEFORE: 3 traditional panels (two 48-sheets and one 96-sheet).
4 classic paper billboards
AFTER: 2 slimline digital advertising screens on a monopole.
digital billboard freestanding Wildstone

“It was a great pleasure working with Andrew and Henry. Their warm and approachable personalities made it very easy to have candid conversations. They were more than willing to answer any questions and put our minds at rest regarding any concerns we had. The most outstanding quality I found was their consideration of the needs of everyone involved. I hope we get to embark on many more ventures with them in future!”

Raj and Anita Sudera from Leicester

Raj and Anita Sudera with Andrew Foster
Raj Sudera with his daughter Anita and Andrew Foster from Wildstone

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