Joining Wildstone: Christoph Ehm Reflects on His Onboarding Experience
Munich, 20 June 2024

At Wildstone, we strive to make every new colleague feel right at home from day one. Christoph Ehm, our Business Development Manager in Germany, joined us in January 2024 and has quickly become an integral part of our team. In his role, Christoph focuses on developing new business opportunities, closing acquisitions, and driving revenue.

Here, he shares his experience of joining Wildstone.

"From the very start, I felt welcomed at Wildstone," Christoph says. "The team was incredibly friendly and took the time to get to know me, which made the transition smooth." The first week was intense – lots of new faces, names, and information. But it was enjoyable throughout. Despite being based in Munich, collaborating with our UK team has been seamless."

Wildstone’s induction program is designed to give new colleagues a comprehensive understanding of how our departments work together. Christoph adds, 

“In my second week, I headed to London to dive deeper into the company's workings. The induction process gave me a solid grasp of our operations. It was great to get an in-depth explanation from each department head on how they come together and collaborate effectively to get things done. It was also great to see the passion in each and every one of my colleagues who conducted my induction. It made me feel like this is the right place for me, as I appreciate being among like-minded individuals who share the same mission. This was clear during the inductions across different departments.” 

Priticka Patel, Director of People & Culture at Wildstone, comments: 

"Christoph's positive induction experience highlight the importance of our process in preparing individuals for success in their roles. We are delighted that Christoph found value in our induction process and wish him continued success in his role."

Christoph remarks, 

"Time has flown by so quickly, and it's enjoyable working for Wildstone. Every day brings new learning opportunities, which keeps things exciting. I'm eager for the future as we strive to drive digitisation in the DACH region."