Empowering Young Talent at Wildstone – Lynx Noumey and Andrew Smith
London, 18 April 2024

Meet Lynx and Andrew, a duo who began their professional journeys as Development Executives at Wildstone, right out of university. Tasked with providing crucial support to Development Managers across the country, they engaged in a blend of activities, in and out of office.

Reflecting on the impact of joining Wildstone straight out of university, Lynx shares:

"Learning from senior development managers everyday has been super helpful for my development, improving both my understanding of the business and my skills – exactly what I wanted after university. The team listens to what I have to say, no matter how old I am or how much experience they have in the business.”

Lynx currently leads his own designated area in the Northwest of England. Here, he conducts meetings with property owners, travels around the region to spot new opportunities for the business, while helping landlords make additional income from sites suitable for advertising.

Lynx says:

"Naturally, I am thrilled to have this responsibility. I feel prepared and well-supported by more senior colleagues from the Development team. I am grateful that Wildstone took a chance on me. I look forward to further developing and leaving my mark on the Northwest."

Andrew shares his experience, stating,

"I joined Wildstone in September 2023, and it has been non-stop since then. I quickly realized that the working environment I had joined was one that I needed to be a part of for the long term. The team have made my move into the business as smooth as it possibly could have been. They are all incredibly supportive, not just of the new staff but of each other."

Similarly to Lynx, Andrew oversees his own designated areas in Scotland and the North East of England.

Andrew continues,

"The constantly changing and evolving nature of the business means that the progression opportunities are endless and invaluable for any career. I am committed to furthering my career at Wildstone and cannot wait to do so. Wildstone is a business I truly enjoy working for every day."

Mike Duty, Head of Development at Wildstone, comments:

"In the relatively short space of time that Lynx and Andrew have been with the business, they have showcased their skills and talent from the beginning. Lynx and Andrew are both key members of the development team in their respective regions within the UK, and I look forward to watching their careers prosper here at Wildstone."

Priticka Patel, Director of People & Culture at Wildstone, comments:

"Wildstone places a strong emphasis on the value of cultivating early job experiences for young talent, recognising the pivotal role such experiences play in personal and professional development. We're proud to see the progress that both Lynx and Andrew are making in their roles."