Employee Success Stories – Sue Curnow
Northleach, 26 September 2023
Learn how Sue Curnow embraced her opportunity at Wildstone. Once working for the NHS in a clerical role during the challenging times of covid, she now shines as a Billings and Estates Executive in our thriving company.

Before joining Wildstone in 2021, Sue faced the dilemma of considering early retirement due to the work stresses in her previous job. She shares,

"I didn't enjoy working in a clerical role at the NHS anymore, and finding a new job at my age was proving difficult."

However, all that changed when she crossed paths with Wildstone.

Sue recalls,

"From the very beginning with Wildstone, even at the interview, I didn't feel my age was ever a consideration. Working here has been transformative for me. Having lost my partner to young onset Alzheimer's in 2018, I felt that retirement for me would be a bit of a desert. While I am more than capable of being on my own and doing my own thing, I am a sociable person and like to keep my mind active."

At Wildstone, we are committed to diversity and inclusion. Sue's experience echoes this sentiment, as she found a welcoming environment that recognizes and values her skills and potential, regardless of age.

Stepping into a new type of business with outdated IT skills, Sue had concerns about learning something entirely unfamiliar. Yet, those concerns soon faded as she found support from the team at Wildstone. She shares,

"My 1:1 training in the beginning was a great foundation, and when I asked if I could have some time off to do Excel refresher courses at the local college to brush up my skills, Wildstone were more than happy to fund them."

Priticka Patel, Head of Human Resources at Wildstone, emphasizes:

“Our commitment to employee growth and development is fundamental to our organizational values at Wildstone. We firmly believe in investing in our employees, equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in their respective roles.”

Sue's vital role as a Billings and Estates Administrator laid the groundwork for her well-deserved promotion to Billings and Estates Executive. She acknowledges the importance of every team member, saying,

"The role I initially came for may be an admin role, but it plays a crucial part in the smooth running of the company. It ensures that our financial matters are in order and that we maintain positive relationships with our landlords."

Priticka adds:

“Sue's story shows how everyone's effort shapes our company's success. At Wildstone, we appreciate hard work and dedication, and we reward those who go the extra mile.”

Sue radiates enthusiasm when she talks about her work at Wildstone

"I feel very lucky as I love what I do, and now, despite being past retirement age, I am not considering stopping anytime soon. Wildstone doesn't make me feel as though I have to. I am given the same opportunities as anyone else, and I feel the job is essential to my mental health and wellbeing."

- she shares with a smile.

Sarah Bolt, Head of Estates at Wildstone, adds:

“Sue is a tenacious individual who is admired and very well respected by all at Wildstone. We believe in providing opportunities to everyone and we have not been disappointed with welcoming Sue on board, She has proven to be a real asset to the team. I am also pleased to report that, through her eagerness to learn and our dedication to employee training, Sue’s 'rusty' IT skills, as she alluded to above, are now a thing of the past!"

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