Employee Success Stories - Mimi Nguyen
London - 17 August 2023

Allow us to introduce you to Mimi, an exceptional individual whose determination and dedication have propelled her to become the Finance Manager at Wildstone within just two years.

Mimi's journey began in 2021 when she joined Wildstone as a Management Accountant, responsible for the digitisation portfolio, at a time when our London Finance team consisted of only four members. However, her impact on the team was profound, and she played an instrumental role in its growth, which has since doubled in size. Today, she leads our company's fastest-growing team.

Mimi says,

"I knew Wildstone was the perfect fit for me when my unique background was not only accepted but embraced as a strength.The company's dedication to diversity is evident, and it's one of the many reasons why I love working here. Embracing the significance of diversity, I found a welcoming environment at Wildstone."

Mimi's path to becoming Finance Manager was paved by her relentless hard work, supported by Wildstone's commitment to empowering employees to develop their skills and grow professionally. She states,

"My talent was recognized, nurtured, challenged, and eventually rewarded with a promotion to Finance Manager. Wildstone's impact on my career has been nothing short of phenomenal. It's not just a job; it's a place where you can truly flourish."

After her well-deserved promotion, Mimi's role expanded significantly, managing a team of six and undertaking substantial projects that made a tangible impact on the business. At Wildstone, we believe in investing in our people, fostering their growth and promoting them to positions of influence. Mimi shares her gratitude,

"I owe my success in the last few months to the guidance and patience of Jennifer (Jennifer Smith – CFO at Wildstone) and, of course, my incredible team. Our young, talented, and hardworking group inspires me, and I'm dedicated to becoming the leader they deserve. My career growth at Wildstone is a testament to the opportunities the company provides."

Mimi's journey doesn't end here; she says,

"I can't wait to see what we can achieve next. Whatever it is, I know it won't be boring."

At Wildstone, we take immense pride in Mimi's accomplishments and look forward to witnessing her continued success as she embarks on new and exciting challenges.

Jennifer Smith, Chief Financial Officer at Wildstone comments:

"Mimi has been an invaluable asset to our organization! When presented with the opportunity, she embraced challenges and played a pivotal role in supporting the business through a critical period of change. Her commercial acumen and sharp technical skills have been instrumental in our success.

Most importantly, Mimi's thoughtfulness and wonderfully hilarious sense of humor have made a significant impact on our team dynamics.”

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