Employee success stories – Louis Watson
London - February 8, 2023
Learn about the inspiring journey of Louis Watson, who joined Wildstone as a Technical Assistant and has risen to the role of Technical Manager in just 5 years.

Wildstone is a company that offers plenty of opportunities for career progression to its employees. This is exemplified by the success story of Louis Watson, who joined Wildstone in November 2017 as a Technical Assistant, fresh out of university with a degree in computer science.

Louis has progressed through four different job roles within Wildstone, each one offering new challenges and responsibilities. As a Technical Assistant, Louis assisted the Head of Projects and project managers with technical work for each digital billboard installation, commissioning screens and using content management systems to schedule content for clients.

After only 8 months Louis was promoted to a Technical Engineer. He assumed a more site-based role and started bringing technical work in-house. Two years later, Louis became a Technical Coordinator and took on a leading role in the technical aspect of Wildstone's digital rollout, implementing processes for installers and serving as the primary liaison with Wildstone's technical suppliers.

Most recently Louis was promoted to a Technical Manager. In his current role he is responsible for addressing any technical queries related to Wildstone's digital screens and leading efforts to improve internal systems and efficiency within the business.

He has researched and implemented a new Business Intelligence tool that makes certain data manipulation tasks instantaneous and removes human error. He is also working across all departments in Wildstone to understand each team's process and how to make it more streamlined and efficient. Louis also makes technical hardware recommendations for Wildstone’s portfolio which have improved efficiency of our screens for our clients.

Louis says:

"The company's investment in new software and technology has greatly improved the efficiency of various departments, and the focus on data-driven decision making has allowed us to make informed decisions quickly with the help of ‘data at our fingertips’.

Being able to utilise my degree and work for such a great company is something that a lot of people could only dream of.

Working at Wildstone has been an incredible experience. The company culture is one of hard work and drive. The management team is dedicated to providing staff with opportunities to grow within the company and progress their career.

I’m very happy with my current progress in the last 5 years, and now I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 5 years have in store.”

Jill Hebden, UK Managing Director at Wildstone comments:

“We’re very focused on employee personal development and promotion from within and Louis is a fantastic example of these values. He has risen to the responsibilities and challenges of each new opportunity, and it has been rewarding to see him learn, develop and grow. In his latest role as our Technical Manager, he continues to develop both his technical expertise and excellent interpersonal skills with colleagues, contractors and suppliers. I’ve no doubt Louis will have a very successful career with us at Wildstone.”

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