Ealing Golf Club embarks on multiple enhancement projects following Wildstone's acquisition of its advertising hoardings
London, 28 September 2023

Ealing Golf Club has successfully sold the freehold of its two advertising sites along the A40 in London to Wildstone, securing a significant lump sum capital payment. This substantial influx of funds has empowered the club to undertake a variety of improvement projects across its estate and facilities.

Situated on the bustling A40 in Ealing, London—carrying an impressive 113,487 vehicles daily—the sites are strategically positioned along this key corridor.

At the time of acquisition, one site featured a Digital Mega 6, while the other presented a Backlit Mega 6 panel. Wildstone, a key player in the digitisation of outdoor media infrastructure across the UK and Europe, swiftly replaced the backlit panel with a high-quality, ultra-thin and lightweight LED screen.


The substantial capital payment from Wildstone to Ealing Golf Club has already initiated a series of enhancements, set to elevate the experience for the club's members and visitors.

Chris Baker, Director at Ealing Golf Club, says:

"As a member-owned golf club, outdoor media isn't our primary focus. After a thorough strategic review in 2021, we opted to concentrate on our core golf business and divest our two hoarding sites, one digital and the other static but digital-ready. Following a comprehensive evaluation, we identified Wildstone as the perfect partner to unlock the full value of these two sites.

As part of the broader 2021 review we identified several projects to help improve the experience of our c.700 members, and ensure the club’s long-term sustainability. Members are very happy with the price achieved from the sale of the sites, with successful completion funding a number of capital projects now underway, as well as paying down a bank loan.

These initiatives encompass improved car park and club house security, moving the Pro Shop into the clubhouse and increased club and buggy storage facilities, extended practice and golf simulator facilities, clubhouse refurbishments, a new pathway and the beginnings of a 10-year course development programme.”

Mike Duty, Development Manager at Wildstone, comments:

“I am delighted that Wildstone have secured this key freehold asset along the A40, in West London. Acquiring premium advertising sites such as these is the cornerstone of our business. From our planning team, who secured the consent to upgrade the dated backlit panel to a digital display, to the build team who have delivered that conversion on time – ensured all areas of the business were working together to secure this deal. This turnkey acquisition approach, at which Wildstone excels, enables landlords to unlock the true value of their advertising sites, redirecting this capital into projects which are either higher yielding, or simply more important to their core function. It has been a pleasure dealing with all of the team at Ealing Golf Club, who assisted throughout the course of this transaction."

As Europe's leading owner of outdoor media infrastructure, Wildstone offer some of the most attractive payouts in the industry to property and landowners in exchange for their advertising sites.

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